Autoimmune Disease & Conditions

Do you struggle with unexplained symptoms of inflammation? Do you experience brain fog, fatigue, pain, depression, anxiety, or digestive problems?  You might have an autoimmune condition.
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If You're Having Significant Health Problems, It Could be Autoimmune related

We live in a world where healthcare means running basic labs that don’t find the root cause of our problems and instead provide a growing list of medications to cover up symptoms. I want you to now that you can dig deeper into your health and finally understand why you feel the way you do and discover what it takes to get on the path to true health.

Autoimmune disease is one of the top ten causes of death in women and the elderly and now affects one in ten people worldwide. 

Over 100 distinct autoimmune diseases have been identified, affecting nearly every organ system and tissue in the body, and at least 40 other diseases are suspected of having an autoimmune basis or component. 

Even 10% of type 2 diabetics have an autoimmune form of the disease called “latent autoimmune diabetes in adults” (LADA).

While Autoimmune Disease has become common in the industrialized world, it’s nonexistent in hunter-gatherers living a traditional lifestyle.

This fact, along with the dramatic rise in autoimmune disease over the past half century, suggests that environmental factors—rather than genetics—are to blame.

autoimmune fatigue condition

These factors include the modern Western diet, chronic stress, changes in gut microbiota, environmental toxins, sleep deprivation, vitamin D deficiency, reduced sun exposure, and perhaps several other currently unidentified aspects of the modern lifestyle.

These factors don’t just trigger autoimmune disease; they exacerbate it. 

So while autoimmune disease may not be completely curable (i.e. disappears completely), removing the triggers can often lead to a significant reduction in symptoms.

That’s what we’re going to focus on in this eBook!

To Balance Your Immune System, You Need the Right Information and Know-How.

Each autoimmune disease manifests differently (Crohn’s affects the GI tract, MS affects the nervous system, Hashi's attacks the Thyroid), all autoimmune diseases share the same underlying mechanism: the body inappropriately recognizes some part of itself as foreign and initiates an immune attack against that tissue or organ system.

Everything I outline in this eBook should serve as a strong foundation for helping all autoimmune diseases, regardless of the specific diagnosis, tissue, or organ system involved.

This eBook Lays Out:

reversing autoimmune disease

In This Easy to Follow Autoimmune ebook, Dr. Daniel shares:

Everything you need to know about Autoimmunity, Diseases and Conditions and What can be done to halt, balance and even reverse disease.

You'll learn the foundations of what everyone suffering from an autoimmune condition should do and have a road map to getting yourself back to normal.

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