What comes to your mind when seeing a bone? Something worthless, right? Judging by its sandpapery texture or even the pain it causes on the tooth when you bite it, you may hate it. However, inside the hard substance, lies a lot of nutrients that have uncountable benefits to your body. Perhaps, the wild animals, like the dogs know this; they will start eating bones after killing. You may ask, do I have to crack the bones with my bare teeth? No. Human beings are intelligent beings who can get the nutrients inside the bones. You just need to cook the bones to obtain the broth. Take the bones and cover them with water under low heat for some hours and enjoy the broth.

Besides the amazing taste of the broth, here are the benefits of bone broth:

  1. Gut health

An important aspect about nature is that it provides foods that have multiple benefits. First, the bone broth helps to improve your digestion in a number of ways. It has Glycine which stimulates the gut to produce stomach acid. Most people will rush to buy antacids from chemists while a bone broth is all they need, Stomach acid helps to speed up digestion while at the same time eliminating the pressure inside the stomach. However, if the acid is too much, it can rise to the oesophagus causing pain. Glycine can eliminate this pain. Are you suffering from acid reflux or FODMAPS? You have the bone broth.

In addition, bone broth has Glutamine, an amino acid that treats ‘leaky gut’. This is where the barrier between your body and the gut become dysfunctional. Glutamine will prevent this damage by maintaining the functioning of the intestinal wall.

  1. Protecting joints

Glucosamine has been used for many years to treat joint pain. However, very few people have the knowledge that bone broth has the amino acid Glucosamine. The pills that have the element are less beneficial as compared to bone broth which has minerals important for your joints. In addition, there is Chondroitin sulfate which works wonders in treating Osteoarthritis a problem where joints become very painful. The bone broth also has Gelatin which fights against joint infections while also supporting the connective tissue inside your body.

  1. Stronger immune system

Very few foods can match the high number of minerals in bone broth. Infect, the delicacy is referred to as a superfood due to the multiple minerals in it. Often, your mother will make you bone broth when you’re sick to try and restore your immunity. The amino acids in it like Glutamine, Cysteine and arginine have been shown to boost immunity in humans.

  1. Healthy Skin

People who take bone broth often look younger that those who don’t. As people become old, they tend to produce lesser collagen than young people. However, a bone broth has a lot of collagen which will not only keep your skin smooth but will also nourish your hair and nails.

  1. Stronger bones and teeth

To have stronger bones, you need Calcium, Protein, Magnesium, vitamin D, Phosphorus, boron, vitamin K, Vitamin B, iron and manganese. To your amazement, bone broth together with vegetables will equip your body with all these. Do you need to buy supplements when you have the bone broth?

  1. Better Sleep

Do you often suffer from insomnia for no good reason. Bone broth has amino acids that boost sleep and calmness. The main one here is Glycine which has been used even in hospitals to induce sleep in patients. You can get it naturally in the bone broth.

  1. Helps in weight loss

Do you know that obesity is caused by gut bacteria? Obese people have larger proportions of firmicutes and a smaller proportion of bacteroidetes in their gut. The two are found in the digestive tract. It has been proven that if firmicutes increase in number there is a higher extraction of calories in food. As a result, if firmicutes become more as compared to bacteridetes, then you become obese.

Bone broth has an amino acid called L-glutamine which reduces firmicutes and therefore prevents obesity.

  1. Building muscles

As seen, bone broth has multiple amino acids which trigger protein synthesis. Proteins are very essential for body building, growth as well as repair. Apart from muscle protein synthesis, the amino acids in bone broth reduce inflammation to both the patients suffering from ovarian cancer and the healthy people too.

Additional benefits

-Aids in detoxification

-Helps to fight the heart diseases like the atherosclerosis

– Fights the common cold and bronchitis.

NB; Bone broth should be cooked under very low heat to retain all nutrients as opposed to high heat that destroys important nutrients and minerals.


You might call them dry bones but that’s wrong. They are very rich in nutrients. Why spend that coin on medicine while you can use bone broth. You don’t have to throw away the bone leftovers. You can turn them into useful sources of minerals for your body.

Drink up the delicacy and enjoy multiple benefits. Cheers.