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functional medicine health doctor… it can save you time AND…

it could save your life.

As a certified functional medicine physician, I have consulted with thousands of people who never thought how this was happening to them.

What’s your typical doctor’s office experience?

You walk into the office, you’re asked to fill out some information by the front desk and then you wait 30 minutes…

…40 minutes and even more than hour before you are whisked away into a room where you will spend more time with the nurse than the doctor.

The doctor will check a few things and ask a few questions and you’ll end up getting a one-size-fits-all “symptom” based treatment.

Surely you’ve had this experience. It leaves you with a prescription, some supplement or drug sample and you know it’s only going to mask whatever symptom you’re dealing with.

Am I right?

Whether it’s a headache, neck pain or back pain – you get a pill.

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or breathing problems – you get a pill.

Regardless of the condition – you get a prescription that you’re expected to stay on the rest of your life with no clear action plan on actually getting yourself better.

I know this is going to seem crazy and far fetched, but imagine the following scenario:

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up from a sharp, screeching fire alarm. The annoying sound is unmistakable and the first thing you do is get out of harms way. Gathering yourself and family members you proceed to get out of the house and call the fire department, who rushes their way to your home. When they arrive, they walk into the house without hesitation and quickly unplug the fire alarm. You know the fire is still there but they walk out of the house and say, our job is done here, have a great day.

Would you be OK with this?

Of course not. That would be crazy right?

Yet millions of people every day visit doctors who treat symptoms (fire alarms) without addressing the underlying causes of the problem (the actual fire).

Treating Symptoms Puts You at a Much Greater Risk!

It’s like deferring debt… you can keep deferring payments, but soon enough you’re going to have to pay… and the sooner you wipe out that debt, the better.

But it’s not that simple is it?

Heart Disease is the #1 Cause of Death and you can drop dead of a heart attack anytime even though you “feel fine.”

Are you Ok with that?

Why do you think 1 in 2 people die from their first heart attack without any warning?

Why do you think most people get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer without any warning signs or symptoms before hand?

It’s because we base our health on how we feel rather than how we are functioning.

The problem is that you can feel great, but how you “feel” doesn’t matter compared to how things are functioning (which is the type of medicine I specialize in).

One painkiller may take your pain away (silencing the fire alarm) but it’s also depleting your body of the most powerful cancer fighting and diabetes preventing anti-oxidant in your body called glutathione. Painkillers also crush vitamin E levels among other vitamins.

This isn’t just painkillers… there are severe micronutrient deficiencies that get created from every medication you’re on. Check out the following chart of just a few:


Now I know what you may be thinking… “Well, that’s why I take my supplements and have been to an alternative doctor.”

Most alternative doctors are using the cloak of “functional medicine” to sell more supplements (substituting supplements for medications to treat symptoms)… Same problem.

What you may not know is that most supplements are ineffective within the body as they are made of cheap “synthetic” substances that aren’t the same molecular structure as what is found in nature.

Because the body doesn’t recognize them you end up urinating the majority of them out of your body or worse, storing them.

Essentially the money you spend on these supplements turn into expensive pee! (I have empirically validated this through hundreds of intra-cellular micronutrient lab tests of supplement taking junkies that come up deficient in the very vitamins they are taking!).


My point here is that Medicine is broken and even most Natural or Alternative medical systems aren’t working and people are not getting the care they deserve.

If you want to get ahead in life… if you want to thrive, not simply in health, but your career, relationships and ultimate impact on this planet…

… then you NEED to avoid the 3 factors that block you from maximizing your potential.


By avoiding and removing these 3 factors, you will not just save money but you will create MORE TIME by living an abundance of high-quality years on this planet.

Here is what I call the 3 IGNORED FACTORS that steal your health, energy and vitality!

These factors magnify any symptom or disease susceptibilities that you may have.

#1. Toxicities

Both environmental toxins (non-living) & bio-toxins (living) that act as “age accelerators” causing damage in your cells, draining health and energy.

#2. Deficiencies

From over exercising, eating nutrient depleted foods and taking the wrong supplements, you may be deficient in certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and other micro-nutrients essential for disease prevention and high performance (again… most people I test around the world have major deficiencies they don’t even know about).

#3. Not Having a Personal Strategy

The things you do each and every day that you don’t even realize are stealing the gift of experiencing abundant health and performance in the life you deserve.

Add to that… a busy lifestyle and some stress… and you’ve got the perfect storm.

It’s no wonder that 90% of the people I’ve tested come back with adrenal fatigue and stress hormone imbalances on their hormone panels

… and why I see so many people come back with certain neuro-transmitter deficiencies in their brain, which are essential for optimal health and happiness.


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Think about it…

When you eat out at restaurants, unless it’s a “farm-to-table” kind of place, you’re getting pesticide soaked GMO foods. Guaranteed.GMO FOODS AT RESTAURANTS

Pesticides kill pests by blocking them from getting essential nutrients and causing their internal organs to explode. Unfortunately pesticides also block these essential nutrients from getting into your food while at the same time causing toxicity to your body.

The most heavily sprayed crops are GMO corn and grains.

I’m not saying you should never go out to eat (my clients and I do all the time). There are certainly strategies for eating out in a healthy way. What I am exposing is the truth that you need to hear (I have a whole seminar dedicated to this one topic). 

Back to my point…

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds to thousands of toxins – from our personal hygiene products to the foods we eat and the air we breathe. Ignoring this problem will only make things worse.

Here are the Facts:

  • Only a quarter of the 82,000 chemicals in use in the U.S. have ever been tested for toxicity.
  • The average woman is exposed to 126 unique chemical ingredients every day through her skin care products alone.
  • Each year, the average patient is exposed to over 14 pounds of pesticides, herbicides, food additives, and preservatives.
  • 26 seconds is the time it takes for chemicals in typical household products to enter the bloodstream.
  • 7 million people a year die prematurely from illnesses related to air pollution exposure.
  • Recently, air pollution was linked to hypertension.
  • Environmental factors including tobacco smoke, nutrition, physical activity, and exposure to environmental carcinogens are estimated to be responsible for 75-80% of cancer diagnosis and death in the US.
  • About 6% of cancer deaths per year — 34,000 deaths annually — are directly linked to occupational and environmental exposures to known, specific carcinogens.
  • Glyphosate (used on all GMO foods) has been found in urine samples of 93% of Americans tested.
  • Tests have found more than 200 chemicals in newborn umbilical cord blood, of which 180 cause cancer in humans or animals.

THIS IS WHY I SEE so many people come back with elevated levels of aflatoxins, metals, benzenes, parabens, and mercury on their environmental toxicities lab test results!


These toxins not only BIO-Accumulate (build-up) in your body, but they are known to cause damage to your cells, tissues and organs and have been linked to:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Hormone Dysregulation (increases stress)
  • GI Problems
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Weight Gain
  • Joint Pain & Inflammation
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy
  • Brain Fog
  • Infertility
  • Skin Problems
  • Weight Loss Resistance

Did you know that exposure to air pollution is linked to High Blood Pressure? If you live in a big city, the air you inhale into your lungs every day is toxic. (Your ancestors didn’t have to deal with this).

What you may NOT know is this… Air quality has been shown to be 10x’s more toxic in the home then outside of the home due to all of the chemicals they put in our cleaning agents, the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that off-gas from our new TV’s, filing cabinets, carpets and clothes.

This isn’t even mentioning the toxins that have stockpiled inside of your body as a child or even a fetus.

And this is when people start thinking, “Dr. Daniel, you can’t be serious!?”

I’m dead serious. In a recent study, they found over 200 toxins and chemicals in the umbelical cord blood that is going directly into the fetus (unborn baby). Get this… over 180 of them were carcinogenic.


What’s Your Body Burden (total amount of toxins)?

Ultimately, environmental toxins block high performance, cause a decrease in your productivity and brain function.

Your brain and body isn’t running as “clean” and therefore you lose valuable time, feeling worse as time passes.

You may not realize that in order for your body to run like a well oiled machine, you need to have an optimally functioning digestive system.  



Because of all the toxic compounds, poor food choices and global pollution we are exposed to, our digestive system becomes compromised. The digestive system contains a group of organisms dedicated to helping you build immunity, digest and absorb nutrients and even the expression of healthy genes. But when the digestive system becomes unstable or unhealthy, bacteria begin to flourish causing hormone dysregulation, fatigue and weight gain. 

Furthermore, stress hormones cause a decrease in optimal gut health. Endulging in sweets and alcohol feed those unhealthy bacteria which can further any health challenges you may have. 

Digestive Health Panels Can Show Dozens of Challenges To Each Person

When you maximize your gut health, you help to increase energy, accelerate weight loss and optimize the uptake of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

Another reason why people have micronutrient deficiencies is because their digestive systems are shot (whether they have symptoms or not). 

Having a Personal Strategy Plan Can Upgrade Your Life

This is a CORE component of my health programs! There are 2 steps to upgrading your life:

1. Exchange energy depleting, unhealthy habits for energy building, healthy habits.

2. Add new High Performance habits into your life 

I have consulted with over 10,000 people in my career and I’ve seen thousands exponentially multiply their health by following the 2 steps above.

It’s so simple, yet so many people fail to do just that. And there are hundres of powerful lifestyle strategies that can fit seamlessly into your busy day that can boost focus & mental clarity, energy & vitality, flexiblity, peace & happiness, strength and rejuvenation.

It’s not just about having the knowledge of these lifestyle strategies… it’s about having an expert helping you hand-pick the specific strategies that will take your health, energy and performance to the next level. Like most of my clients, you probably don’t know what you don’t know.

You’ve got blind spots in your lifestyle that are blocking you from the life you deserve to live!

This is why the best athletes in the world hire coaches.

You know this…

Anyone that wants to perform at a high level in business, work, sport and life, hires people to help customize their approach to excellence… saving you years of time!

And when it comes to your health, the sooner you start the better (it’s never too late!).

The proper implementation of these lifestyle strategies may be the difference between doubling or quadrupling your energy and body performance. 

The Future of Healthcare is in Prevention & Habit Transformation.


My name is Dr. Daniel, and I’m on a mission to catapult individuals into their most fulfilling life potential imaginable.

I am leading the charge with my team of over 15 years as a concierge customized high performance health consultant. Together we have successfully pioneered concierge human potential healthcare to help you access high performance.

Our goal is for you to access peak health and high performance for life so you can leave a bigger impact and legacy in your short time on this earth. We help top performers like yourself maximize their personal health in order for them to accomplish everything they want to do and more.


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We Operate Under a New Paradigm

The three paradigms of healthcare that you can choose from include:


The Medical Model

Great in emergency situations, where the medical model falls short is in its one-sized fits all approach focused on treating symptoms with drugs or surgery.


The Alernative Medicine Model

Using a more natural approach, where the alternative model falls short is that it replaces drugs and surgery to treat symptoms with supplements and natural remedies.


The Functional Medicine Model

While the other models treat the effect, this Model focuses on addressing the causes of physiological abnormalities through sustainable solutions that create long-term results.

The Functional Medicine Model combines modern medical testing, natural medicine therapies and personalized treatment plans. 


We address the underlying causes of your health problems (instead of just treating symptoms) so you can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery.


We consider the modern environment and stressors shaping your health in positive, and negative ways. We look back to a time that was free of modern, chronic illness for insights in 21st Century health.


We recognize that despite all we share, we are each unique. Your challenges and goals are your own and your treatment is personalized. You become actively involved in your healing

Here’s How It Works:

Here are some bullet points to help you understand what starting out as a patient looks like.

  • Decide to Be Better – The first step is always making the decision to be better. When you’re ready, simply purchase your initial consult.
  • Payment – As soon as you make payment, we will be notified and you’ll receive and email to schedule an initial 20 minute over the phone consult.
  • First 20 Minute Consult – The 20 minute consult is a time to discuss your personal health goals, complaints or health problems and what you’ve done in the past.
  • Labs & Intake Forms – Following our initial conversation I will have you complete a few intake forms as well as undergo any tests necessary to identify imbalances in your body. This can include blood chemistry panels, hormone or saliva panels, digestive health studies and even nutrient analysis.
  • Sedon 1-2 Hour Consult – After I get all the data back and have had time to study it; we will setup a follow up visit to go over all the data and your treatment plan including recommendations


You can connect with me and my team from anywhere in the world to help paint a brighter future for you and the things you influence.

But we don’t work with everybody. We have 3 very important qualifying factors when deciding who to work with. Please note that while we welcome all consultation requests, we are a private health company in high demand and respectfully can not work with everyone.

We choose to only work with individuals that are fully committed to transforming their health.

The 3 Qualifying Factors:

Factor #1
You must want a proactive and preventative approach to healthcare.
Factor #2
You must be coachable and willing to follow through with recommendations.
Factor #3
You must be growth oriented and ready to overcome any and all obstacles keeping you from achieving high performance health.


Start Working with Dr. Daniel Today...

Due To Time Constraints, This Private High Performance Consultation Is Limited To A Certain Number of People!

I can’t work with everyone…

Which is why this offer is only available until all time slots have been filled. In addition, I am only choosing to work with a certain number of patients at any point in tim.

I just have to be realistic.

I can’t work with everyone and I want to be sure to give fair warning to anyone to doesn’t act quickly.

Please note, the following offer is Time Sensitive!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Insurance Cover this? No. Insurance companies are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and the medical system. They wouldn’t recognize quality healthcare if it hit them between the eyes. One caveat to this is if you have a flex spending account, or health savings account, then this consultation is often times covered.

2. Can this be a business expense? I’ve had clients that have classified this as a “wellness program” or “executive health consultation”. Their accountants have advised them that they can write this off as a business expense. However, because I’m not an expert in taxes I can’t offer any tax strategy advice. Check with your accountant before making any write off decisions.

3. If I let you know that I was interested in lab testing, how much would it cost? This varies from person to person. Individual lab tests can cost as little as $40.00 and can move into the hundreds. You have to keep in mind, that if you do want me to talk about what is available for you, these lab tests are functional health labs from the most advanced, handpicked laboratories found in America.  

4. What if I live outside the USA (Canada, Australia, Asia or Europe)? No matter where you live in the world you can get a High Performance Health Consultation and even labs if you want. We’ve worked with people in the Middle East, Australia, Canada and Europe. 

I look forward to meeting with you!