There aren’t many workouts that provide an all-round muscles engagement in the body, tone up the abs quickly and burn significant calories. Fortunately, Push-ups are one of the exercises that provide significant benefits within a short time. The power of the push up is well known as they tone and strengthen the upper body, core and quads and will leave you feeling like you got a total-body workout in just a few minutes of exercise.

If you want to make pushups your routine exercise, or want to simply understand the power of the push up, continue reading this post to learn the five real benefits of push-ups.

1. Strengthening the Upper Body Muscles

The prime movers in push-ups are your triceps, anterior deltoids, and pectoralis major. These muscles are found at the back of the arms, the front of the shoulders, and on your chest, respectively. Other muscles involved when one performs pushups include serratus anterior. However, these are considerably less important. Performing push-ups on a regular basis builds, tone, and strengthen these major muscles, which can improve sports performance.

2. Improve Your Cardiovascular System

Pushups are an all-in-one exercise as they affect multiple muscle groups. When large muscle groups are engaged, your heart must increase its normal activity in order to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the involved muscle tissues. Ultimately, this effect enhances cardiovascular exercise, which promotes a reduction of the stored body fat and supports heart health.

3. They Improve Posture

Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle that demands you to sit at a computer all day long, or you just defy your teacher or mother recommendation, improper posture can limit your comfort as you age. One of the major causes of improper posture is weak core muscles. To be able to hold your back and shoulders, your entire core need to be strong enough to be able to support its vertical posture. When performed in the right manner, pushup can help strengthen the muscles responsible for supporting posture. Besides, pushups will force your body to adopt a proper posture. This is one of the major passive benefits of pushups.

4. They Help With Back Stability and Muscle Stretching

This is the most underrated benefits of doing push-ups; they stretch the back muscles and biceps. As you lower your chest to the floor, your back muscles stretches, and as you push back to the starting position your biceps are subjected to a full stretch. This gives your muscle feature a compact and attractive appearance and also improves your flexibility.

5. Increase Bone Mass and Testosterone

Bone mass and testosterone naturally declines with age, which can expose bones to the risk of fracturing easily. To keep your bones strong and your body healthy, you need to perform weight bearing workouts and keep the level of essential hormones at significant levels. Since pushups strengthen major muscle groups in the body, you risk of injury is reduced because your bones will be strong and flexible.

Pushups promote testosterone production, but preliminary evidence to support these claims is still under further research.

Pushups offer many benefits when done on a routine basis and in the right manner. To make them lively and break the boredom, modify your way of doing pushups. You can try the following push-ups variations:

a) Plyometric Pushup- this pushup is great for developing explosive upper body strength and power. Maintain the normal position, but instead of doing them slowly, push up quick such that your hands leave the floor. Keep a few extra inches gap in between your feet to improve stability. Also, use a padded mat to take some pressure and strains off your wrists.

b) Raised push up- this is not for the faint-hearted. Place your feet on a raised ground or a bench and start your reps. This will concentrate the effect on your upper chest muscles.

c) One-handed pushup- this is tougher than raised pushup, but it’s more about technique than sheer strength. To perform it, spread your legs a little bit to increase stability. You should feel the tension in the press arm across to the opposite leg. You can use two fingers if you are a real pro like Bruce Lee.


Each subsequent day, add a few pushups, even if you have to rest to reach the numbers you’re used to. This is a great way to build your body strength quickly.