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Health Is Available
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Comprehensive Testing. Practical & Effective Treatment Plans. Combining Ancestral Nutrition, Fitness and Functional Medicine Principles.
With over 20 years of clinical and professional experience, I've worked with the deathly ill and utterly hopeless who were desperate for change. These were people looking for answers in a confused world filled with food rules, senseless and unscientific social media headlines and dozens of health experts all competing for your attention. Eventually, my patients find out that the power to overcome their health issues has been rooted within them the whole time.

Health is my passion.


For less than $5 a day, you can work with a Functional Medicine Doctor who offers personalized healthcare, guidance and practical solutions for your health problems.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the future of healthcare - Available Today.
It's an approach towards Health, Without a Prescription. Where conventional medicine aims at treating symptoms, Functional Medicine doctors are trained at identifying the root causes of disease and illness. Using advanced diagnostics and testing, we create custom, personalized treatment plans to improve your health.



We address the underlying causes of your health problems (instead of just treating symptoms) so you can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery.



We consider the modern environment and stressors shaping your health in positive, and negative ways. We look back to a time that was free of modern, chronic illness for insights in 21st Century health.



We recognize that despite all we share, we are each unique. Your challenges and goals are your own and your treatment is personalized. You become actively involved in your healing.

Dr. Daniel has been thorough, clearly explaining what my health issues are and how to address them. He is quick to respond to messages, and the changes he has recommended for me have been very helpful already. I have seen several nutritionists over the years and even have a background in nutrition myself, and I can confidently say that Dr. Daniel has offered me the most comprehensive and easily understandable evaluations I have had yet. I completely recommend his practice!
Becky Smith
Becky Smith
17:26 12 Mar 23
Dr. Daniel, is great to work with! He gives an in depth analysis based on your blood work and will set up a plan that is easy to follow to help you get your health back. The best part is that he is easy to communicate with and his team is as well.
Eastside Lumber
Eastside Lumber
16:18 27 Jan 23
I just started working with Dr. Daniel within the last month and I’m am super IMPRESSED with his wealth of knowledge regarding functional medicine. For me particularly, I reached out to Dr. Daniel regarding digestive issues and I finally have some answers as to why I have been feeling quite lousy over the last year after being told by several other physicians everything is normal. We’ll everything was NOT normal based on my lab work. Dr. Daniel explained in great detail where I should start to improve my deficiencies. Dr. Daniel is passionate about helping patients turn their health around, the way he explain things leaves no stone unturned. I have no doubt I am in good hands working with him and look forward to a much improved health report in the near future.
maria nicholas
maria nicholas
22:49 04 Jan 23
I highly recommend Dr. Daniel!!! I was spiraling down with my health when he turned my life around. Here’s my story: I used to consider myself pretty healthy until six years ago when I turned 50. That’s when I began to have muscle and joint pain. I used to exercise all the time but this time I couldn’t because I was constantly in pain. I tried different things to get rid of the pain like NSAIDs, diet changes, physical therapy and stretching but nothing helped. I found myself desperately searching for answers on the Internet but unable to figure out what was wrong with me. I finally went to my primary care doctor who ran some blood tests but everything came back normal. I convinced myself that I must be out of shape, so I began slowly by walking 2 to 3 miles every day and eventually adding 2 pound weights, but after six months I still had pain. I continued to suffer in silence because no one wanted to hear me complain about my pain anymore. I was feeling depressed thinking this is my new normal. Then in July of this year, I heard about functional medicine and how they try to get to the root of health problems. I researched every functional medicine doctor and was impressed with Dr. Daniel‘s approach. After making an appointment, they had me fill out a very thorough health history intake form that asked detail questions all the way back to my childhood, which was unlike any other intake form I had ever filled out at any doctor’s office. So right from the start I knew I was at the right place. I initially had an hour long appointment with his nurse practitioner, Megan Biggs, who reviewed my health history in detail. Then soon after that appointment, I had another hour long appointment with Dr. Daniel. Based on the red flags identified on my health history, he ordered blood work that revealed vitamin deficiencies as well as thyroid and immune dysfunctions. Within a week of starting me on his treatment which included diet changes and vitamin supplements, my muscle pain went away!! After six years of suffering, I finally started feeling like my normal self. Within a month of treatment my joint pain was gone. After two months of treatment my thyroid dysfunction normalized. Additional test revealed that I also have inflammation in my gut and I am confident that with Dr. Daniel‘s treatment plan my immune dysfunction will improve.What I love about Dr. Daniel is that he focuses on healing your body without medication. He digs deeper with the labs he orders to see what is not functioning well. The pain I was experiencing was a signal that something was wrong, and Dr. Daniel figured it out. I have learned so much from him about how to eat healthier to give my body the nutrients it needs and how gut health is essential for normal immune function. Thank you for giving me my life back, Dr. Daniel!! If you are suffering from any health problems that you’ve been unable to resolve on your own or with your doctor, or if you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are seeking a possible alternative to prescription medication, please do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Daniel.
Loretta King
Loretta King
16:10 28 Dec 22
I'm blown away by the levels of support I get from Dr. Daniel and his team. I am a health coach and Olympic weightlifter who wants to improve performance and also dig deeper to figure out the cause of headaches I've had since I was little.I love the fact that we can have weekly calls - it makes my adjustments easier. I am so impressed with the level of reporting and support tools - guides, articles and more. Super grateful to have found Dr. Daniel - just 3 months in I'm PRing at the gym and the frequency of my headaches was reduced significantly. Thank you so much, Dr. Daniel and the team, to help me take my health to the next level and making this journey pleasant and affordable.
Anya Perry
Anya Perry
16:42 06 Aug 20
Dr D helped me through a really rough time when I had stomach issues that caused all sorts of issues with my physical and mental well being. I spent months trying to determine what was going on, visited numerous Dr and Specialist that all gave me text book answers, ordered test then rescheduled me for a follow up 6-8 weeks out. This went on for 6-8 months until I talked to Dr D. He ACTUALLY listened to me, spent an hour going over everything, asked for all my test results then followed back up few days later. Next step he Ordered new testing that should have been done months ago, grabbed those results and contacted me back the following week and set up a game plan to repair the gut and get me back to a healthy life.EVERY time we talked he gave me as much time as I needed, actually listened to me and his video responses explained what was going on and steps we would take.Can’t say enough about Dr D as a health care provider who really cares and a friend who listens.Thanks Dr for doing so much to help me through this really rough period of my life
Mark Schuh
Mark Schuh
00:14 25 Jan 20
I been working with Dr. Daniel for only a short period of time. I decided to go to him for the Functional Medicine because my lab work was showing some elevated numbers that concerned me. He order more lab work and his first approach was to change my diet for 30 days. By the fifth day of me being on this diet I notice my neck pain had disappeared. I had suffered from neck pain for years. I'm also noticing my feet don't hurt as much in the morning when I get up. I even went on a short jog the other day which is a miracle for me. I'm not done with my 30 day diet, but I'm looking forward to seeing an improvement in my lab work. I had no idea that my diet was causing inflammation in my body. Thank you Dr. Daniel for helping me improve my health.
14:02 11 Oct 19
Dr Daniel is a breath of fresh air! I first sought his help in treating my baby's eczema. He made several dietary recommendations and his eczema quickly cleared! I was so impressed that I signed up as well. He was very thorough in his approach and very organized and easy to work with. Although I didn't have specific health issues, he really helped me to optimize my nutrient intake and "course correct" for a healthier future. Highly recommend!
Kristen Schmidt
Kristen Schmidt
12:13 18 Jul 19
15:08 20 Apr 19
Rue Olson Dwyer
Rue Olson Dwyer
19:31 23 Sep 17
My entire family has been apart of Dr. G's patient family since the first day he opened his doors and we are a healthy family because of him. I'm so lucky to have meet him and my referrals feel the same way.
J Williams
J Williams
11:33 08 Aug 17

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