Working With Dr. Daniel

Is. Dr. Daniel accepting new patients?

Yes – both locally and long distance (national and international). Patients can be seen in person, via phone or video conferencing.

How much will it cost?

The in depth, personalized attention and care provided by Dr. Daniel goes far beyond what traditional insurance will cover. It’s difficult to list an exact amount because different people will require differing amounts of care. Dr. Daniel prides hinmself on being cost-effective with treatments and recommendations. What does that mean? He doesn’t prescribe unnecessary treatment, order unecesary tests or do anything else to waste your money.

Lab Testing is one area where fees can add up. The average lab test cost is between $200 to $500 and a new patient usually requires between one-to-three tests to get started. If insurance doesn’t cover your testing then we can offer flexible payment plans to get you going.

Office Visits or Consults occur at least monthly for 3 months depending on the severity of the case.  However treatment plans can be as long as a year. Insurance will not cover office visits or consults.

Treatment depends on what is actually happening. Dr. Daniel will always opt for the most minimal, invasive treatment necessary to get you to a point where you no longer require treatment as quickly as possible.

Fee Structure:

My fee structure is straight forward:

$99 per month with no contract or termination fee.

As long as you’re a member of my practice you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited Text Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Weekly Phone Consults
  • Weekly Video Consults
  • Lab Analysis & Interpretation
  • Health Plan Protocols & Recommendations
  • Discounts on all vitamins/supplements/botanicals
  • Discounts on any/all testing not covered by insurance

How Does The Process Work?

First: Purchase a Membership Plan and immediately get access to my membership site.

Second: Begin completing all the initial intake forms and start watching all of the Introductory Videos

Third: Start collecting any information that I’ve requested from you (food tracking, nutrient tracking, blood pressure, glucose, etc.)

Fourth: We start working on optimizing your health!

After collecting all of the necessary information. Dr. Daniel will do a thorough review of:

  • Your health and medical history
  • Your diet and lifestyle
  • Function of the key body systems related to your problem
  • The history, onset and key characteristics of your illness
  • Medications, Supplements and Botanicals
  • The goal here is to uncover the underyling cause of your problems.

Based on the initial set of diagnostics, Dr. Daniel will:

  • Explain what I believe is causing your health problems
  • Explain what testing should be performed for diagnosis and/or to help rule out suspected conditions.
  • An initial diet plan
  • An initial lifestyle plan
  • Your initial treatment plan
  • Provide a prognosis & explain how long your recovery may take

During Follow-Up Visits, Dr. Daniel will:

  • Monitor your response to treatment
  • Explain any new lab findings
  • Adjustment treatment based on laboratory findings and your level of response
  • Order any follow up testing needed as treatmetn progresses
  • Work to improve your health

Can Dr. Daniel Help Me?

It is challenging to make a guarantee in health care, but Dr. Daniel will provide the care and guidance you won’t get anywhere else.

Dr. Daniel admits he is not all knowing. But he dedicates several days per week to digging through the medical literature to stay on top of the best testing and treatment options available to his patients.

Dr. Daniel is passionate about tracking patient outcomes. Instead of blindly following current dogma, he uses his current practice of over 10,000 patients to determine what works and doesn’t work.

Put simply, Dr. Daniel strives to get his patients well, quickly and cost effectively. He strongly believes that care in Integrative and Functional Medicine has become overly costly and often involves unnecessary testing and treatment, thus wasting a significant amount of a patient’s time and money.

Some patients feel better within days and weeks, whereas others can take months if not a year. Results are highly specific to the individual and current condition that is being treated.